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In digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files

such as PDFs and those from graphic software such as Quark or InDesign.

This eliminates the need for a printing plate, which is used in offset printing, which can

save money and time. Without the need to create a plate, digital printing has brought about fast turnaround times and printing on demand. Instead of having to print large, pre-determined runs, requests can be made for as little as one print. 

Digital printing eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional printing, including making films and color proofs, manually stripping the pieces together and making plates.

Shorter turnaround. • Every print is the same. • More accurate counts, less waste and 

fewer variations, due to not having to balance ink and water during press run.

Cheaper low volume printing. 

While the unit cost of each piece may be higher than with offset printing, when setup 

costs are included digital printing provides lower per unit costs for very small print runs.

Variable Data Printing is a form of customizable digital printing. Using information from a 

database or external file, text and graphics can be changed on each piece without 

stopping or slowing down the press. For example, personalized letters can be printed 

with a different name and address on each letter. Variable data printing is used primarily 

for direct marketing, customer relationship development and advertising.

Very short runs can be much more cost effective with digital printing.

Digital presses use four-color process printing. If you need four-color printing, digital 

may offer advantages in lower up-front costs. If you need it fast, digital usually offers 

quicker delivery.


Digital offers accurate proofs since you see an actual sample of the printed piece. 

Accurate color proofing for offset printing can be expensive. 

Without question, digital printing offers the most affordable way to customize marketing 

materials, direct mail pieces, letters, etc.

Fine Art Printing Services

Understanding Fine Art is the first step in creating the perfect reproduction.

The Equipment is key but the Image editing is even more critical, in todays

competitive Giclée business expertise in computer software 

manipulation is esssential. Our list of equipment represents: 

Epson, Imacon, Canon, Xerox & hp.


Full Color Commercial, Custom,

Digital Printing Services

Choose from versatile, affordable, high impact sales

sheets, brochures, postcards and more to convey your

message. We offer a full line of four-color process

printed products to meet your needs. Great for special

product introductions, service information, marketing

materials, training manuals and more.


Sales sheets

• Post Cards

• Brochures

• Business Cards

• Envelopes (Full Color)

• Rack Folders

• Catalogs

• Post Cards 

• Posters

• Bookmarks

• Door Hangers

• Business Forms

• Flyers 

• Calendars

• Calendar Cards

• Catalogs

• Catalog/Sales Sheets 

• Promotional Items

• Presentation Folders

• Mouse Pads

• Ceramic Tiles 

• TShirts

• Canvas Giclée’s

• Banners

• Catalog/Sales Sheets 

• Covers/Menus

• Fine Art Products

• Greeting Cards 

• Promotional Items

• NCR Forms

• Covers/Menus

• Letterheads

• Greeting Cards